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Scam Postcard 4

…not really a scam…Scan 22


…more of a plea for resolution on the issue of the sheep flavoured exports to our fellow meat eaters in China.

(…in other news…it’s snowing relatively heavily for Dunedin today…was up real early to take photos, but both sets of batteries for the camera were flat…aaarrrgh!…grew up in more temperate climes, so snow is still a novelty…it only settles here every couple of winters…random…which adds to “our” excitement…)


(…at this point Tony abandons his blog so he can stare out the window…)

22 responses to “Scam Postcard 4

  1. oh man, I wonder how many of the ladies this is gonna draw in based on pure cuteness. 🙂

    I like how you say “batteries are flat” over there. Here in the U.S. we say “batteries are dead.” We’re so morbid.

    You could totally sell these.

  2. I think one of your sheep has been infected. Careful there. Have fun with the snow. It’s my favorite. Love skiing. You say it usually doesn’t stick so I imagine you don’t get many inches (or whatever weird measurement unit you use :P).

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