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…because I can’t think of a suitable title…

…the main protagonists from my “UK toons” appear in the sketchbook from time to time…

Scan 32

…a reminder to myself that there are over 180 pages worth of hastily scrawled ideas (when I say ideas I probably mean poo-jokes) languishing in a notebook on a shelf above my work table…

…just waiting for me to regain the confidence to do sequential stuff again….

…not far away now, I guess, because I’ve already bought an A4 pad and have been doing some patterny ¬†illustrations at the larger size…guess I’ll get to it when this sketchbook stuff is played out…

…I often return to older more established characters when no fresh ideas are forthcoming and sometimes they lead to…

Scan 33



…um..lead to…er…well…lead to ideas that you’re just not sure about!

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