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Cant See The Woods

…for the owned-by-overseas-“investors” trees…Scan 40


…”investors” whose taxes (if they pay them in this country at all) probably aren’t contributing to the wilding pine eradication programme…


6 responses to “Cant See The Woods

  1. They must be terrible cunts to incite you so, anything we can do?

    • …terrible cunts of the highest order….centre right grinning pocket lining arseholes who are are only marginally worse than the centre left mob…or maybe I’m the just a middle aged punk who never had the balls to be shooting the pricks when I was an angry young man….(oh fuck…where’s me med’s)… send nuclear holocaust…lets re-boot the world!….(puts down coffee number 6 for the morning…)…

  2. Hey, how did that snow ever turn out?

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