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That Full Bladder Feeling

…you know, when you’ve just woken up, the last remaining vestiges of what you were dreaming are drifting between fact & fiction and you have this marvellous idea for a cartoon gaining solidity in your mind…

…it has too be the best thing you’ve come up with for days, the image is well balanced, the words…oh, the words….never before have you attained such insight , humour and heart string twanging intensity with language ….


Scan 47


…then you get up to empty your bladder and by the time you sit down at one or the other of the places within which you can comfortably create , with a coffee, a pen and a sketch book…

…the whole is missing great chunks of the sum…

…anyone up for a caption contest?

One response to “That Full Bladder Feeling

  1. This post is something something, something else.

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