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A Figment Of Your Anticipation

…the publics expectation of post-xmas sales coincided with the end of my nicotine patches this festive season just past…Scan 56


…by coincidence the execution of this illustration, depicting the prevailing temperament towards non-regular customers asking for not advertised or offered-in-any-way-shape-or-form discounts marks not only 6 months without nicotine in my system, but  the first day of my first sale….

…. alll sale goods going on Trade Me (E-bays kiwi cousin) so don’t ask in store unless you want a reaction like the above.

4 responses to “A Figment Of Your Anticipation

  1. Chris

    What is your trademe name? – for those of us not in Dunedin

  2. anthony

    are you still battling the nicotine demons?

    I haven’t been back for a while as my RSS went awol…am just catching up

    • …ooo…how long is “a while”…still churning out bucket loads… time lapse of 6 months between sketchbook and finished art… would still kill for a durrie most days, but appear to be over the worst of it…

      …got a cig’?…

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