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So Many Ideas

…so little time….Scan 63


…if I didn’t come into work and stayed home to draw, sketches like this could become finished pieces at the time they were conceived instead of languishing in the sketch book till their relevance is lost in the mists of time…

…mind you, if I wasn’t so obsessed with doing the ideas in chronological order from the book…

…hmm, might be onto something there.

6 responses to “So Many Ideas

  1. I know what you mean about having to work when you’d rather be drawing. If it wasn’t for the fact that I work two jobs, I would be WAY more consistent with releasing my new stuff. And ironically, I could probably even get good enough to earn a living just cartooning. I believe you should do what you love, so I’m gonna keep at it, and who knows. After all, it’s the journey — not the destination that matters, be the change you wanna see in the world, & you know, stuff like that… but man, working sure does suck!

    • …agree…

      …(won’t point out that I’m self employed in my own record shop and could draw all day if i wasn’t soooo busy looking out the window…)….

      • No need to point that out at all. Self employed or not, busy is busy –even if that consists of staring blankly out a window. Whether self- imposed procrastination or circumstantial distractions due to lack of self discipline & adequate time-management skills are actually to blame,,, doesn’t change the fact that working sucks.

      • …yup…got me on that one…wish I could work out why staring out the window is more tiring tho’….or is that related to getting up at 6.00am to draw for 3 hours before I go to “work”?!?….

      • Oh man, gotta say YOU got ME there. I really have no clue. I don’t have near enough self-discipline to get up at 6am to draw for three hours before going to work. You know, I think you helped me make a breakthrough that may potentially change my life for the better. I just gotta start getting up before dawn everyday and get to drawing. Simple really. Now all I need is a good window to stare out of.

      • …always happy to convince someone that being as obsessive as myself is a good idea!…try to moderate it with going to bed early tho’….supposedly that is what makes me grumpy!…. I always recommend drawing first thing…it’s when your brain is at its most rested….

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