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More NZ Musicians In Wigs

…just when you thought it was safe…IMG_1320

…Mr Heazlewood, through his obsessive use of Farcebook, has been single handedly responsible for more than his fair share of traffic on this sight… for that we thank him…on a recent visit to the shop, he was more than happy to show off his new guitar and associated gurning skills….


…Mr Robert Scott, local folk musician and artist of international renown(the landscape in the background is one of his) played us some hot licks on the button accordion (audio not available)…. (thank god)….

…I’m assuming he wont “forget” his guitar for the next Too Tone photo shoot….


… the ever elusive (and very sensible) Mr David Kilgour politely declined to take part in the proceedings.

…(and the real reason for the photos??…rushed out the door with a nagging “there’s-something-else-I-need-to-do” kinda feeling….yup….didn’t scan more ‘toons)….

…normal transmission resumed next Tuesday.


…more of the same…but different….

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