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Where Do I Start

…I guess I should start with an apology to Kim Dotcom, internet entrepreneur and NZ resident….

…sorry Mr D’, no offence intended….but….Scan 107


…why, if you were of interest to the the US government for “crimes” against big biz, did the NZ government grant you residency, be friendly towards you, then raid your home at the behest of the US, illegally as it happens, then claim they didm’t know you were a resident…etc….etc….

…now your gonna sue them….and by them I mean us, the poor slobs who don’t entirely understand what the hell is going on ….but we are going to be paying for it with our taxes…..

…sorry Kim.

…(google Kim Dotcom & Cthulhu if you’re not sure of the reference….under no circumstances google the NZ government….they’ll welcome you with open arms, read your e-mails, raid your house…and now there is a strong likelihood that they will poison your babies as well…)…..

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