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Things To Do With Your OCD

…you can make up patterns…Scan 106


…then fret that someone will point the inconsistencies in your work….

…I look forward to your correspondence….

….(don’t press send for a moment longer….I’m enjoying the anticipation).

4 responses to “Things To Do With Your OCD

  1. Eric R

    There are 3 skulls pointing down and 2 up in the center… so much brain hurt! oh yes and a blue unaligned one also, hehe somehow didn’t see that first.

  2. Those eye sockets have escaped your OCD tendencies- they’re all over the shop!

    • …by the time I got to the eye socket bit MY eyes were glowing red themselves and watering profusely….but I soldiered on and completed the task, blind, which explains a certain deviation form perfect…

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