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For Use With All Up And Coming Elections

…print and plaster….

…print and plaster….

…print and plaster….

Scan 116

..when I was living  &  working  in Dorset I used to drive past a road info’ sign that had a Shepard Fairey “OBEY” poster stuck to the back of it…. I saw that poster on the way to work, everyday, rain hail or shine…

…I liked it…it somehow reassured me before arriving at my place of employment, that if I was good, everything would be alright…. (wrong)…

…it wasn’t till Mr Fairey came up with his marvellous “HOPE” image that I found out what “OBEY” was all about…

…the above is dedicated to Shepard, who may not be as hopeful as he once was and certainly was never going to obey anyone…

…thanks for leaving your ideas lying about so they can be toyed with, Shepard, it was fun.

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