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Happy GCSB Day Everyone

…you are now being legally spied on…Scan 118

…Allahu akbar…. fuck the USA… this is how we should all sign off anything we send or post via electronic media…

…let them sift through that….

…oh, and fuck you John Key…especially you.

…(some of you may think that language used in this post is a bit strong…but in a recent poll in this record shop 100% of customers and staff thought it wasn’t strong enough).

6 responses to “Happy GCSB Day Everyone

  1. Brilliant idea! Pretty much EVERYBODY can be labeled a terrorist anyway, so what the hell. Make ’em work!!

    Allahu Akbar, FUCK the USA, & fuck YOU John Key.

    And 9-11!

  2. not sure who John Key is (will google!) but fuck him anyway!! I’ll hold off on fucking the USA as I’m off on holiday there next year to see a pal, I’ll do it while I’m there in your honour!

    • …thank you Frag’… that made me laugh till I cried…so glad I haven’t made a coffee yet…that could have been a disaster…. and I should probably update that post with your very sensible “travel-advisory” suggestion…(I love the States…not the politics of those in charge…but the people and the country are awesome)…

  3. *wonders how “safe” it is to click Like*
    *runs away in fear of government reprisals*

    • …been looking for a sound bite to attach to the “like” button that says “we can seeeee you” or a loud explosion sound…maybe our governmentzillas could spend their time developing an app’ for that instead of reading our mail….

      …arrrgh!…men in bla

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