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Normal Transmission May Not Be Resumed

…here is a test pattern to look at while I try to figure out wether that rather strongly worded post about my dissatisfaction over the NZ Govermnentzillas decision to pass a spy law by a slim majority has had me blocked to NZ viewers…..

…2 days….no NZ flags showing on my stats page…

…uh oh.
Scan 115

…any kiwis in the house?…

…gimme some love….

…or my paranoia will get the better of me.


….(4 NZ hits in the the first 20 minutes…phew, “they” aren’t out to get me….yet…)…

4 responses to “Normal Transmission May Not Be Resumed

  1. Those hits will be from the NZ secret government ninjas.

  2. Eric R

    Well not really anything near your continent, or side of the planet for that matter, but I really like those hypnotizing patterns!

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