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The Fishers of Men

….in my box of colouring-in pencils there is a gold pencil & a silver pencil…

of course I’m going to use them to make Icon/triptych things with Jesus in them….

of course Jesus is going to be a “fact**t”….

….of course I’m going to burn in hell…

Scan 134


of course you are not going to be able to see the glittery effect that I got from the gold/silver pencils….

but you may go to hell just for looking….

and clicking “like” may hold dire consequences I’m not even prepared to guess at.

6 responses to “The Fishers of Men

  1. FINALLY, a story about Jesus I can believe.

  2. masqua

    @Candy Trip: Thanks for the chuckle
    @bored: You’re amazing. I never tire of your drawings.

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