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Its Fun To Stay At The

Scan 137


…it’s fun to stay at the…

Scan 137


…they have everything for you men to enjoy… can hang out with all the boys.



…(there it is again…that burning sensation….).


14 responses to “Its Fun To Stay At The

  1. Aaahhhhhahahaaa! That’s crAzy, man!

    DISCLAIMER: THE FOLLOWING VIEWS EXPRESSED HEREIN ARE SOLELY THAT OF ‘CANDY TRIP COMIC STRIP’ (an inanimate, fictitious entity without body, mind, or soul… or moral righteousness, or social responsibility, or cultural sensitivity, or molar cavities, or….what the HELL, ya blasted steeple people!!! the dude was viciously slaughtered by ancient nazis dressed in togas full of fear & hate & rage & psychotic tendencies! So get off MY back for making a #$@&* JOKE, goddammit!!!), AND IN NO WAY REFLECT THE OPINIONS OR VIEWS OF BOREDINARECORDSHOP.WORDPRESS.COM. THAT BEING SAID, I’M ABOUT TO GET J[EEZ]IGGY WID IT UP IN HERE! WOOT-WOOT!! THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!! AMEN:
    Sorry about that lengthy disclaimer (as well as my tendency to lose control with the wordiness of my blog comments every now & then; it’s assuredly a gesture of respect & admiration, so I must kindly demand forgiveness & acceptance – there’s a Good Book all about that… well it mentions it at least… I think), but when your eternal soul is at stake, you make darn sure to cross all your i’s & dot your t’s. U know what I mean?
    Now, some may certainly say that a cartoon featuring a disco-fever Jesus doin’ the YMCA dance (such as your comic strip for instance) is blasphemy, but I say, “blasphemy my ass…phem…y! Stop hatin’ & let freakin’ ‘Michael “Jesus” Jackson’ do his thang & bust a move!” WOW!! I’ve never in my entire life thought to refer to the son of God as such, & for providing me with the opportunity to do so just now, I thank you.
    I love Catholics (except for the religious ones because they’re uptight – like that pope guy. & the one’s who are child molesters SUCK! Haha! Get it?!~ that was WoRd pLAy! YAY! :)) !!!!
    But for whatever reason, they don’t seem to like me much. (~?¿?~) However, they’re nowhere near as bad as the ones in that far away country with all the sand and camels or whatever. They don’t just lack a sense of humor, they actually have negative sense of humor & they kill people for drawing funny cartoons of their “god” Muhamid Ali, which is too bad because a so-called “god” that looks THAT dumb is great cartoon material, oh well.. no cristmas presents for you buttholes.
    I don’t have anything against Bhudists, but they’re weird and ugly, so I smite them dutifully by avoiding eye contact & not inviting them to parties.
    The mormons are kinda cool because they at least PRETEND to exercise their belief in love & forgiveness; but then again they get a LOT of practice with make-believe (sometimes to the point of manic psychosis characterized by acute episodes of derealization & chronic hysteria. YAY!!:))
    But anyway, I forgot what I was talking about for a minute. OH!! Yeah.. Catholics. . . …..
    They don’t like me much (god knows why…)– EVEN when I give big ups, mad props, AND an all-out out-loud shout-out to the incarnation sensation on a cross-station;
    the holy ghost with the most host-toast nailed to a post & a post (oh yeeee-aaaahhh!!!!, you know the guy!!);
    Thee 1&Only, the Every-1, & the No-1;
    Make some noise for…. . —>>
    ★☆★ MC J.C. !!!!!!!☆★☆ (holy virgin baby momma!! that one’s pure gold!!!).

    Ok, I’m done. I gotta go work on my comic strip over at my website now, but it’s been fun visiting the Record Shop In which the Bored do dwelleth..
    OH! Almost forgot. … I didn’t actually mean what I said back there. .. About the Buddhists… I mean sure, they’re weird. But they’re not ugly. That’s just ridiculous.

    But Holy cow, Baptists sure are! :))

    • …and in my own disclaimer….for what is written in the above comment, all smiting should be directed at Candy Trip….I , however take full responsibility, but not a fatwa (or the christian equilvalant) for the above cartoon….just remember kids…WWJLA…what would Jesus laugh at?…

  2. John

    Love! Love! Love! I would totally love a big poster size of this!

  3. John

    It reminds me of this… one of the best Jesus videos

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