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3 responses to “We Got Your Paranoia Right Here

  1. The U.S. has been dealing with this for quite some time now… *cough*9/11 2001*cough*patriot*act*cough*cough*. The only reasonable thing to come of it was the mass suicide of government officials that occurred a couple years back after I showed up on some kind of “list” and they read my emails, monitored my phone calls, and looked through my financial statements. They probably laughed heartily about it down at the bureau… at first, until the overwhelming clinical depression overtook them and, well, ya know… the “lights went out.”
    So I say: Hey! Go ahead and violate my miserable privacy, Mr. Governmentzilla Man; but fair warning: you’ll live to regret it until the day you finally decide to escape the brutal realities of mortal existence by sucking poisoned Kool-Aid out of the barrel of a loaded shotgun while dangling violently from a rope.
    Yes, I’m afraid it’s true; my private life is, in fact, THAT pathetic (especially my finances).

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