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Signs Of An Improving Economy

…to protect his identity the customer who came in with this beautiful example of a plastic money box shall be here in referred to as “B”….

….customer “B”….IMG_1822


…encouraging news on the financial front, folks…

…the economy has lifted enough so that, not only can customer “B” afford to buy a house, but he can also squander the remainder of his life savings on records…..


IMG_1824…or is that… now that customer “B” has bought a house he is reduced to cat burgling children’s money boxes to support his record buying habit?…

…(and yes , this is really how customer “B” paid for his latest vinyl fix…and as far as I’m aware, no children were robbed in  the making of his purchase).

9 responses to “Signs Of An Improving Economy

  1. Ah! but did he have any money left in his money box to fuel future growth?

  2. dinkerson

    This is an encouraging sign. Members of congress, here, are using similar signs to convince us of the same.

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