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5 responses to “Flight Safety Card

  1. Ha! Dark.Disturbing. Delightful! 🙂 I like the clash between the dark humo(u)r & the bright, happy colo(u)rs. I just mention it here & now because it’s so pronounced in this one, but I think that’s what appeals to me most throughout all your toonstrips. And the fact that there is no real rhyme or reason to what you do whenever you do whatever you do, no apparent motive, & no big deal. It’s easy enough to write off as the the product of an artistic dude who is clearly bored in a record shop just, you know, drawing pictures, & then leave it at that. But no, this is much more complex than that. This stuff is genius.

    • ..*blush*….thank you CT…it’s tantamount to exercising demons…the voices in my head come with illustrations…

      • Well then, there you have it.
        Pure & absolute psychotic rage rabidly frothing from the figuratively fanged mouth of a literally sordid & mostly unsound mind heavily riddled with deranged madness & maddening discontent…
        — conjurred by boredom, endless tunes (lots of oldies but goodies, I would imagine), & perhaps the occasional dose of nicoteine… —
        And then frantically channeled from the dark, dank, dusty, cobweb-veiled abysmal depths of a distant sanity (long-since unhinged by too many loose screws) by none other than the furious scratching and demented scribbling of several brightly colored tips of many magical, multi-hued pencils.
        I have but a vague idea of what that’s like. 🙂

  2. Eric R

    At least you mark yourself!

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