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Was He Wearing A Red Wig At The Time

….we may never know…

…David Kilgour, international-dunedin-musician-man-of-mystery, was in the shop the other week to drop in some copies of the  re-released Great Unwashed Lp….

…the only copies he had left had been out to his most recent gig at Chicks Hotel…

…according to David “somebody” had spilt beer in the merch’ box and damaged these must-have artefacts….

…”somebody” then let slip that it was his good self that had perpetrated this unforgivable form of vinyl-abuse…

….how do you get top price for beer soaked goods?



….simple, you get the perpetrator to confess in….with a Vivid marker…

…instant collectable….

…that smells of beer.

…(and, you may be wondering,  was David wearing the “compulsory” red wig whilst signing said Lps?…he is a very shy & private person, I respect that & could not possibly divulge that piece of highly personal information….

….for less than a tenner).

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