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Variation On Someone Else’s Theme

Scan 11


…please tell me that no one does this in the movie.

…(go back a couple of posts for the first ‘toon in this series…yes, it is a series).

5 responses to “Variation On Someone Else’s Theme

  1. Love it! Thanks for the ab workout I just got from that belly laugh.

    • …happy to oblige…just don’t get all laughorexic…that would be bad….

      • It’s a disease, I tell you!!!! a serious -SERIOUS – dizzeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz!!!….Aha-ahahahahahaaaaah-yeeeEEEeeee!!! If it wasn’t for all this jolly jiggly fat, I’d be nothing but skin & bones.

      • …nothing but skin & bones aaand laughing, I hope…

      • Well, yeah…laughing…of course, but I’m, you know, huhuh, taking it 1 day at ahhhaha time, just… you kn-hohoho-ow… I me-hehe-ean, sure it’s a long arduous road ahead of me-hehe, to recov-erherher-ery heheee you know-hohoheee — the drool stains on my chin from hours of catatonic glee, the nasal cavity reconstructive surgery from all the repeated violent snorts of idiotic chortling rapture, the dreaded “giggle wiggles” — …but I’m getting counseling, working through the hysterical fits of mania, trying to find a reason to frown. But it ain’t easy… God no, not by a long shot! The therapy sessions are a REAL struggle… I mean, come on dude! How the hell am I supposed to make ANY progress when my SHRINK is a freaking DWARF!!!???

        ..oh it go-hohoh-oes again hahaahahaaaahhhh!!! My SHRINK haaahahahaaahahaha IS aha-ahahaha A DWARFFFFHAHAAAHAHAHHAHAAAaaaaahhhahaa!!!!!!!!!!#holy@$!#*cracks me up every┬┐&#time! ………….

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