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Chick On The Mole

…stick “Aramoana” into google maps…IMG_2027


…the man made bit that sticks into the sea near the harbour mouth is “the Mole”….

….these pic’s were taken at the end of it…

…the chick is my good friend (long-suffering) Deirdre Newall…




…here she is again with a big red boat behind her….




…this is possibly NZs next entry in the Americas cup….(the boat, not the Deirdre)…

….I personally think that it stands a good chance of crushing team America…and can be put to practical use after we’ve won…(not as a reef ornament)….

….but in the mean time it’s the perfect colour for use as a prop for a promotional photograph for Deirdre’s forthcoming album…

…you can put your arms and leg down now Dee.


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