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Happy Death Day To Me

….technically it was yesterday, but i felt that is was worth mentioning …

…yesterday was the first anniversary of me stopping smoking…

…this blog has been, and will continue to be, brought to you by the ensuing nicotine withdrawal…

…and the lack of sanity that that entails…

…busy hands…always keep those hands busy…

…I’m into my third A5 visual diary with doodling…

…and my second for finished pieces…

…that’…400 plus pages of scrawl and nigh on 150 finished ‘toons…

…the most creative I’ve ever been…


..and before you congratulate me on my “achievement”….

…give me a f**cking cigarette or I will cut you.

19 responses to “Happy Death Day To Me

  1. John

    Congrats on the one year smoke free ….

    I quit in 2004, after 20 years of smoking, so next August will be 10 years for me. A word of advice — don’t listen to all the liars who tell you “you’ll feel better, things will taste better, etc. etc.” It’s all lies. I feel no different, I just smell better. I gained ten pounds, but not because food tasted any different, but, because I needed to do something during withdrawal. I breath better, that’s about it.

    And, after ten years … at least once a day I still have a craving for a smoke … they’re not always strong cravings, though, there are moments when I really feel like I’d fling folks the hell out of the way in order to get a smoke.

    But, I suppose it’s worth it. It’s an expensive habit.

    Good for you — happy one year!

  2. I bow in your general direction sir…

  3. Amazingly prodigious… but what are you going to give up once your nicotine withdrawal is a thing of the past?

  4. Hang in there! I still remember the first day I quit, both times, it’s tough but look how productive you already have been! Just keep doodling and it will get better and remember idle hands are the work of the devil. If it doesn’t work this time around try the 5 step program. Cigars, pipe, nicotine gum, nicotine patch, medication… :0

    • …I’ll be honest…I’m very over the cig’s, probably joke about wanting one more than the urge to smoke comes on me….but going back on the patches would be fun…they’re solo psychedelic if you wear them when you sleep…

  5. clivethedesigner ⋅

    Damned impressive body of work. Publication as a book next?

  6. Chicken Fried Comics ⋅

    THIS IS JUST YOUR DOODLING?!!! Maybe I should start smoking and quit? HMMM. Keep away from the fags (hee hee) if it keeps you doodling at this level!

  7. V ⋅

    I’ve got a spare ciggie for you any time too tone.

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