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It Could Be Pure Coincidence


… a delegate from the North East Valley Scraggly Musician League  popped into the shop the other day…IMG_2579


…with a long winded story about the resurrection of some long lost musical gem…



…of which the last known cassette-only copy was a  victim of a very serious dose of liquefaction during the CHCH earthquakes….


…all songs lovingly restored from the barely legible liner notes…


…sound quality checked (and passed) by the hearingly challenged at Too Tone records…

…and finally available on orange vinyl….just in time to pay for Pete’s xmas dinner….

…(make the xmas face, Pete)…



….hurry whilst stocks la….


…sold out.


…(thank you Pete for letting me check out the test press and bringing me some copies to sell, thank you David for helping Pete liase with non-valley residents, thank you Mick for digging your copy of Pure out of the liquefaction in your Mum’s garage & letting me take photos of it….and  a big hug to the team at 540 records…wish I’d had the forethought to record Pete as he talked me thru the whole thing, track by track (twice)….you could have released a version with commentary…’spose it’s not too late to put Pete in the post…what’s your address?…).

7 responses to “It Could Be Pure Coincidence

  1. Hannah ⋅

    Hey Tony! Are there any copies left? I had such a pain trying to order an order online as my PayPal is American, and I only have New Zealand credit cards now, rah… Would love to reserve one of the orange pressings! Hope you are well down there. Happy holidays! 🙂 Hannah xx

    • …sorry Hannah… they’re all gone…and Pete being Pete it’s very hard to tell if I can get any more!!!…he seems to think there’s a black plastic version out there somewhere, but isn’t sure if the cosmos will be sending any copies his way!…

  2. I’m one of the Happy Few that played on this.
    (track 15)
    Classic collection and good to see Pete so totally in his groove.

    • …Hi George….love this album…thank you for your contribution (man that sounds cheesy, but everyone involved needs a pat on the back!)….Pete was saying, during the blow by blow listening session, that he’d like to make music with you again….shall I put him in the post?…..

  3. Jack Neolithic ⋅

    Hi there- I actually was involved in the cleanup/layout of this reissue….quite honored to do so I might add. Very happy with the end result, and the positive feedback. Big thanks to David Kilgour for providing hi-quality image scans from his archival vault. And course endless thanks to my buddy Timmy at 540 Recs for the coordination and release of this great reissue. Keeping the NZ dream alive! –JACK–

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