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More Pure On The Shop Floor


…grab a copy before they all walk out the door…

…or…. less discerning customers stand on them…

…some may even be orange…

…I don’t think I can get any more.

(personal renditions of the above,  my new poem “Pure for sale”, available on request).

…try this too…

4 responses to “More Pure On The Shop Floor

  1. Sean M

    Any left? I’d love to get one.

  2. Bronwyn Nally ⋅

    How do I buy one?

    • …Hi Bronwyn…as far as I’m aware they are sold out…try calling Portil (03) 473 0388 if you’re in Dunedin…try googling it if you’re not…if it has sold out I’m thinking that it may become available again soon…stay tuned…

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