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Format Issues

…when I started drawing cartoons, I had no guidelines on how to approach the page…

…no internet, no handy how-to book in the local library, no older wiser creators…

…I figured you just ruled it up and went for it….Scan 152 Scan 153


…which led to some fairly interesting sizes of ‘toon…

…thankfully, I scammed a job in the printing industry and was able to get my co-workers to reveal all the mysteries of appropriate size and shape for ease of reproduction…..

print reproduction.

2 responses to “Format Issues

  1. well thats the first time I’ve had a good laugh out loud (LOL’d in English). Absolutely cracked up at Sedgewick, maybe you’ll do a ‘where are they now’ cartoon of him. Though this maybe the pinnacle. Need more ‘Like’ buttons to press 🙂

    • ..there’s one floating around in the archive somewhere that was done about 12 years ago (I think)…never quite got over feeling well proud of my new, original character only to have some one ask if he was inspired by Calvin & Hobbes…which I was completely unaware of!….

      …pinnacle?…as always…the worst is yet to come!

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