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All Cleaned Up

…went to Chicks Hotel on Saturday…IMG_3710




…blagged a freebie for me and my good friend Dee…so stood at the back to let the paying punters get the good views…that and the beer are wholly responsible for the quality of these pic’s…IMG_3706 IMG_3715…Bill Direen was awesome…haven’t seen him play for years…love the back-porch presentation of old favourites….very warm, welcoming & homey…Hamish Kilgour on Drums was a treat but almost obscured from view….

….big ups to Kane Strang for his set…beautiful voice, nice guitar and great stories in his songs….

…thought I’d get a better view watching thru someone else’s phone…(once watched a football match on TV thru binoculars, for a “live” feel….quantities of booze were involved with that as well)…IMG_3737


…thankfully David Kilgour is tall enough to be seen from the back of Chicks without the aid of social networks…(although they do obscure the top of his head)….IMG_3740


…Robert Scott is another matter…standing on one leg and leaning to the left I managed to click his hat & nose…
…Matin Phillips jumped in to perform keyboard duties on “Tally-Ho”…IMG_3729


…and Pete Gutteridge glowed in the dark for several tunes…IMG_3739


…I’m glad I could almost see Hamish when he played with Bill, couldn’t even see the the tips of his sticks during the Clean…IMG_3718

…my good friend Dee played with the buttons whilst Stephen & /or Tex were looking the other way….

…thank you to The Clean for letting me in for free & playing an inspiring set…thank you to Bill & Kane for great sets as well….thank you Tex & Stephen for the perfect sound…first time for ages a live gig hasn’t made my tinitus a prob’ for days afterwards…and thank you Chicks Hotel for continuing to be a damn fine venue…

…and an especial shout out to my good friend Dee who drove there & back …thus enabling me to get rather drunk!

One response to “All Cleaned Up

  1. ooh wasn’t expecting real photo’s! All abysmal quality (I know, you explained, but dem’s de fax) apart from Dee, who looks well cool. 🙂 I particularly like the guy with the Davy Crockett hat on his head which is covered in ectoplasm. Fab! Nice to see you getting out n about.


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