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Apologies To Fliquet

…my second cousin…Scan 188


…she came up with the concept that Foo Foo eating his own vomit is re-cycling…

…sorry, Fliq’, that it took so long to see completion.

….(this “concept” taken from a large stock of ideas written at my cousin Phil & family’s kitchen table…only about 170 pages worth of bad-ideas to go…).

8 responses to “Apologies To Fliquet

  1. fliquet

    Recycling, the possibilities are endless! :’)

    • …listening to your second cousins’ constant babble also provides a myriad of ideas…(how you doin’ lass… returning to old country, mumming, scarring folk permanently and the like??)…

      • fliquet

        Glad I’ve inspired some insanity!

        I’m good thanks, life has calmed down a lot so its all pretty sweet, the little ‘un is not-so little now and is causing plenty of trouble 🙂 How’s everything your end?

        Sam and I will have to trek across the planet and see you again one of these days! Hope you’re keeping alright! x

      • …doin’ ok…after four years in the record shop getting itchy feet again…but this is way too much fun to give up!…miss all you guys…have you a site with your art on???…ask yer Dad for my e-mail and flick me a link…You, Sam & Spawn welcome every time!…bring Calvados.

      • …oh…”inspired” insanity???…you forget I’m a Renouf…it’s in the blood…(look around you at the next family gathering)…

  2. maypaj

    Hahaha! Love it! Although it was a bit discusting as well :-p

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