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Those Holiday Snaps I Promised You

…damn, this shattered schedule…

…these were supposed to be up ages ago….

and now their context is lost in the mists of blog…

…unless you go back to here

….then it might all start to look familiar…

Scan 216


…if it doesn’t…keep scrolling back till it does.

…( in order of appearance above….kidneys, heart, liver, stomach, lungs…).

9 responses to “Those Holiday Snaps I Promised You

  1. Your description is so biblically comparable to the nature of all that is holy confusing to the masses ages long ago & now their context long lost in the mists of the bib… i mean blog. Scrolling, eh? LOST “SCROLLS”! Like, those one scrolls on that cane, you know..
    & Ahem…Aliens?! M-I-C-K-E-Y-…ALIEN???! WoW! Balls, my, man… – That’s what you call those brutal beasts of furious wrath wrestling each other in relentless raging turmoil between your reasonably trembling thighs…Balls, I mean. Taking it out of it’s secret place & stocking it to ol’ Walt & his notorious rodent satanic sidekick. BALLS. SCROLLS. ALIENS. MICKEY. A MESS-AGE FROM OUR PIMPSss…..i mean, SPONSORS…. ahem… aaaahem! cough! hack!! haaaaack! aaaaaAAHHH-Chooooo! … whew… Hey. ‘sup?


    What? …Sorry, totally got off track there. But I’m sure I had a point, and it might possibly had been a good one, and maybe you &/or your readers would have gleaned a glint of glaring insite from it. And…
    uhhhhh…That was a funny cartOOn.
    Don’t do drugs, kids. Wait ’til you’re in your mid-thirties like me and really make an ass of yourself while coming across as an outrageously senseless idiot trying to be deep and philosophical and in-satiab–le & stuff???
    EARTH, GUTS, & US!!! man! ALL the Way! WOOOoooo! Crap… it’s only Thursday, not Friday! 3 day weekend all of a sudden! THANKS BORED IN A RECORD SHOP! If I’m ever passing thru New Zealand, get ready for some record rummaging from the rampaging Doug Cook of CANDY TRiP™ infamy, himself! I will ravage with savage (yet harmless & amicable) fury in a mad state of psychotic turmoil in the most astonishing fashion thru some vinyl splendor and CD delight like nothing you have ever dared to even imagine could be entertained by the mind of modern civilized man, much less that of such limited magnitude as radically insignificant as anything I’m likely to spew in a ridiculously long comment on poor, undeserving bloggers, such as yourself.– even those off balance individuals of questionable sanity such as ones like I & me & often myself (currently on vacation/holiday). A supposedly functioning member of society, constantly teetering pointlessly on the farthest out fringes of supposedly simple sapience…& stuff…. & science..the final frontier. Know what I’m saying? Like robots and stuff, dude. Total illuminati…. Bieber\Miley ritual, …Hollywood, and, stuff. uh…..

    Yeah. I’ll just hafta show you.

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