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4 responses to “Real AND True

  1. I swing through here now and again and never leave a comment but I should say I love the way you color your comics. Is it natural media or have you found a way to expertly mimic natural media in the computer? It’s bright and fun and feels so tactile. Great work. -v

    • …all hand coloured with colouring-in-pencils…over brush & ink…over 4b pencils…I find it helps if you press hard and have your tongue sticking out the side of your mouth…have to admit to being middling flustered with praise from such an accomplished artist…(everyone, go look at Vince’s stuff it’s awesome!)…thank you for showing me yours..and liking mine…(aw, crap, that come out all wrong….)….(flustered)…

  2. haha Tones flustered and blushing no doubt. And of course I am now addicted to the tale of Bigfoot and Scout!!

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