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More Penguin News

…my good friend Dee’s resident penguin…is still resident…and now he’s moulting…

…which means he’s with us for a few weeks at least…

…and he’s a little more acclimatised to Dee & Me being around so I managed a snap sans grimy glass…



…mmm…penguin sheddings…



IMG_0782 IMG_0784


…they’re so fluffy!…especially close in…serious insulation….

…hopefully the Dept’ Of Conservation comes to the party re: warning signage…spent most of the Easter break chasing un-leashed dogs away with a broom…

…no matter how “in-control” people think they are of their townie mutts, it doesn’t take more than a second to bite a penguin…

…although I’ve seen him throw a shape & squawk at a couple of would-be predators & he’s packing an impressive defence mechanism!

2 responses to “More Penguin News

  1. Your life is like a work in progress Kevin Smith movie or something. Haha.

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