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This Is Why You Should Look At Everything

…when you are going thru cheapies bins and charity/good-will shop vinyl accumulations…

…NZ has a plethora of these generic covers (from the EMI factory I think)…they mainly contain church choir/organ recitalist or school group/amateur dramatic society musical productions…

…but every once in awhile, if you are concentrating on what is in your hands…IMG_0987 IMG_0988

…and at this point I’ll recommend you click on the next 2 images and enlarge the text so you can read them clearly and in their entirety…

…(it helps to read them with a 50’s radio announcer explains-how-it-is type voice in your head)…

IMG_0989 IMG_0990


…wow…hope the folk that composed those “wise” words aren’t still in charge of our less able to cope ….

..the playing (acoustic guitar) is competent and the low points of the singing are more memorable than the passing-fair bits….

…sorta Daniel Johnstone meets the Shags…and heading steadily down hill from there…

…and we (that means you guys as well) are unlikely to ever see another copy…

…mmm ….rare grooves.

…(love my job).

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