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No Post Yesterday But I Have An Excuse

…my good friend Dee was house sitting for friends in the hills overlooking the Otago Peninsula…

…I went up for dinner on Sunday evening…

…the weather took a turn for the f**king terrible…

….and we got snowed in Sunday Night…

…then frozen over on Monday night…IMG_1188


…finally freed ourselves on Tuesday afternoon…




…and for people who think I was making it up so I could play in the snow….




…here’s some pictures…IMG_1162 IMG_1164 IMG_1168 IMG_1175 IMG_1176 IMG_1177 IMG_1179 IMG_1180 IMG_1181 IMG_1184 IMG_1186


…japanese station wagon without chains in slushy refrozen snow equals no traction + swearing to the power of 10….

…many thanks to Kirsten, Scott & Alice for the comfy bed , food, rural animal-feeding distractions and towage past the insurmountable drive-way hump…

…Thank you Seedy & Callum from Left or Right for emergency signage co-ordination….

…fuck you, anonymous detractor (I’m picking Simon C, but he’ll deny it!)…

…normal transmission starts now.

2 responses to “No Post Yesterday But I Have An Excuse

  1. Looks really strange because it’s summer over here. Well… it should be summer. But we didn’t have much of a winter, so maybe this is the new normal: autumn the whole year round…

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