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Written Well Before The Grand Hotel Budapest

…which I highly recommend as a movie….Scan 296 Scan 297


…but not if your sitting next to Mrs. Axelgrinder.


…(guzunder?….goes-under!…as in goes under the bed….y’know).



…(this is one of those career-humps…I completed this cartoon at A3 in black & white in 2010…muffed the last frame but didn’t admit to it till after I’d inked it….now re-done at A4 in colour & much happier with the end result…I can move on & can almost smell the recently discarded adult nappies in the light fixtures and plant pots…..aaaah…).

4 responses to “Written Well Before The Grand Hotel Budapest

  1. Great drawing! And a great ending. Definitely looks fantastic in color. (Not that I saw the black and white version.) Poor Tony! Gotta love those *recently used adult nappies. Yuk yuk yuk.

  2. we had guzunders when I was a tiny person. I am now liking the Hotel de Crepite name, am thinking you have a talent for names at least ….:)

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