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9 responses to “Lighter Fluid

  1. F**k yeah, indeed! That’s genius. Perhaps a bit sociopathic, but genius nonetheless.

  2. A gem! Nailed all that is good in 4 frames too.
    Colour and send to Viz in UK?

    • ..thank you Alistair…naah…rather leave it in it’s original form and let my regulars tell their friends!…besides,way too busy with the fresh stuff to colour in 27 yr old ‘toons (colouring cat’s nuts…now there’s a challenge for the 21st century)…is Viz in colour now?!?…my how times change…

  3. Awesome special effects!

    • …thank you Almo…wish I had your confidence of line!…the cheek in the second frame had to be drawn by a friend!…mind you, I have got a little more confident since this was done in 1987…

  4. BA Baracus in Macca’s clackers knackers fracas. 😀

    Your cartoon, THAT dear boy is class. Am making you an honourary Geordie for that one.

  5. That last frame just makes me laugh. Love those huge exclamation points and the look on Sedgewick’s face. Brilliant!

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