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Last Of The Catergory

…the final instalment of “UK Toons”…

…the period covered between finding my pens again in the Uk and the demise of DUD comic…Scan 309 Scan 310 Scan 311 Scan 312


…originally drawn shortly after the DUD no.3 cover competition, so that I was a step ahead for DUD no.4…..

…thankfully  I’ve found wordpress…because DUD, is one.


…(yeah, I could have coloured this retrospectively, but I’m so into where my drawing is at in the present that I felt my time was better spent colouring in cat testicles…).

12 responses to “Last Of The Catergory

  1. Your work is so SOOOO good. This works great in black and white too. I’ve really enjoyed the retrospective.
    You just keep at those cat testicles, ya hear?

  2. B&W just fine for the UK as that is what colours we is.

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