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7 responses to “I Know Its Not Easter

  1. Ah Sedgewick, he is a bit of a star really, does he still live now the world is in colour?

    • …unfortunately Sedgwick was abandoned when some one introduced me to Bill Waterson’s Calvin & Hobbes…there is a return of Sedgewick piece done in the mid 90s I think, but no plans to re-introduce him at this stage…having said that, there’s a whole slew of Sedgewick stuff from the 80s coming soon to a Boredinarecordshop blog near you…stay tuned : )…

  2. OK- I may have to steal your letter handwriting… that’s just genius! Sedgewick is a hell raising spitfire. He’s fun to watch but I don’t think I’d like to look after him in my home. He REEKS of trouble! 🙂

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