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Now We Host Kids Parties

….not only did I spend a considerable amount of time making a cardboard moustache for my good friend Arthur (4) yesterday…

…but we also hosted Matthew’s birthday party…

…he received a complementary banana & got to wear that disgusting red wig that’s been on the heads of some of Dunedin’s most well respected musicians…IMG_1598



…Matthew was very well behaved & didn’t cry when we took the wig back…

…Happy Birthday Matthew.

…Too Tone Records – We May Very Well Be Making It Up As We Go Along.

8 responses to “Now We Host Kids Parties

  1. fishriderrecords ⋅

    I like the way you framed that first shot to make it look like the store was full. Although, with 5 customers, I guess it WAS full.

  2. Your store looks really cool! I am disappointed though not to see the cardboard mustache. I would like to borrow that wig!

    • …Pam, the wig is disgusting, no, you don’t want to borrow it…to see more of the store go to youtube and type in “Too Tone Records”…video tour!…

      • Very cool store! Love your door logo too. Saw you had a bunch of Iggy Pop records when the film was shot. My hubs is a huge Iggy fan.
        Wish I could drop by and shop. It’s obvious you are an artistic soul. 🙂

      • …thank you Pam…Dunedin ain’t that far away from…um…did I see Kentucky on something of yours…anyways, grab a world map…the smaller it is the closer we are!…

  3. the B&W photo above his head is nice…

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