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Stalling With Archival Stuff

…to accomodate a longer story line across several separate cartoons….

…so, on with the old stuff…Scan 319


…I’m sure you’ll not mind.

8 responses to “Stalling With Archival Stuff

  1. Don’t mind at all! Another great Sedgewick moment. Love that mischievous grin on his face in the final frame. As always, I really dig your details. (The tongue out in the second frame is hilarious!)
    I’m working on getting more action into my drawings- it’s a struggle for me. So I get a lot out of seeing your stuff.

    • …thank you Pam…so glad you like my stuff as much as I like yours…the struggle always remains a struggle…you just get better at struggling….(that’s the way it is for me…maybe you’ll pass on thru it, wish I could!)…

      • I appreciate the honesty of your reply. I think learning to accept the struggle is part of being an artist. For a long time, I thought that part was suppose to end and when it didn’t, I thought it meant I wasn’t an artist. Then I realized I had fed myself a load of crap and just got on with it.
        So your reply confirms it. If someone with your skills feels this way- it helps me with my own struggle. Thanks!

      • …if it was easy it wouldn’t be satisfying!….(skills?)….

  2. When the archival stuff is this good then you have every right to stall. Love it!

    • …thank you Tony…get comfy, there’s bucket loads of it…can’t believe next year sees me having done this stuff, largely ignored, for 30 years…wish I’d got internet savvy ages ago…appreciate your kind words…am humbled by YOUR talent!…

      • I’ve only been doing this for 20 years, but I think I can appreciate where you’re coming from. I wish I’d gotten internet savvy ages ago too. It’s always nice when you can get other eyes on your work. Makes it all feel a bit more fun!

      • …indeed…esp’ when you’re working 3-4 hours on a page that takes less than a minute to read!…(oh crap, wish I hadn’t reminded myself of that)…keeps me off the streets I suppose…

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