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Still Stalling

…went to the second All Blacks/England test a couple of weeks ago…

…my season’s-pass-holding old man bought me a ticket…

…had to decide between the full moon rising behind the stadium or getting seated in time….



…getting seated won out…

…and where was I looking when the streaker was on the the pitch….




…at my selfie, of course…

…All Blacks triumphed against a very competitive English side…

…streaker got monster tackled from behind…

…warning the clip contains a streaker…



4 responses to “Still Stalling

  1. Wow! That streaker got tomahawked!
    Love the expression on your face. Classic.
    Great photos too.

  2. lol at your cheezy grin 🙂 that poor naked guy will have sore particulars after being dumped down like that. Should have taken a photo, might be of help with Sedgewick’s hat 😀

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