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Oh Thats Right

…this is a record shop…

…here is a record…


…William Clauson is a Viking…IMG_1582


…and speaking as someone of Viking extraction (3 – 500 yrs of inbreeding on both sides of the family) I hope he went and decapitated the “artist” responsible for the illustrations in either corner…IMG_1583


…there is nothing at all “Viking” about waving an old hanky around in a manner that can only attract the most unwanted of attention especially if your wearing bells on your calves…IMG_1584




…(still stalling).

10 responses to “Oh Thats Right

  1. Very un-Viking. Even I can see that and I don’t know any Viking’s personally. Clearly not Viking behavior… unless of course, there was alcohol involved.

    • …the sad thing is that these Morris Dancers use the dance as a reason to consume cider…and as any good viking or extract of viking should know, you don;t need an excuse to drink cider….you just drink it….and once you have the last thing on your mind is waving your hanky…

  2. stripman

    Are you sure this isn’t the young Michael Palin in disguise ? That would also explain the illustrations…;o)

  3. think you’ll find he’s a mexican viking.

  4. Having seen a few Morris Dance performances I think there is strong argument to be made that they would scare any Vikings off….

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