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I Can Stall No Longer

…must…publish…fresh…cartoon….Scan 320 Scan 321


…ahhh, that’s better.


…(if you just got here – Yoof & Arty get licences out of cereal boxes….y’know like when someone says to you “where did you get your licence…from a @#$% cereal box?”…which my mind blended with a series of “get-your-fat-ass-active” activity cards that some cereal firms where offering for awhile…till they realised nobody wanted an active-fat-ass…and thusly I acquired the perfect set up scenario for many a jolly jape).

10 responses to “I Can Stall No Longer

  1. You never know just what that card from the cereal box will say. And of course, you must obey the card.
    Thanks for the character updates. Now then, the problem is I want more. So get back to work!
    Thanks for the great weekend comic. Yay!

  2. Oh- and I’m adding that I have MAJOR LETTERING ENVY! Your lettering is SO SOOOOO GOOD!!!

    • …started with tech’ drawing at high school & went on to a lot of crap jobs that involved hand writing labels…write the alphabet in block capitals 10,000 times….wax on, wax off….

      • I’ve been lettering for a LONG time, but yours trumps mine easily. Your strips are such a pleasure to read for many reasons, and legibility is definitely one of them.

      • …if only that legibility would spill over into my real life!…

        …(thank you Tony, your words are encouraging…which may or may not be a good thing!)….

  3. Hahaaa! That was great. I like how the argument changed directions. And “cat nuts in my nose”. Classic. 🙂

    • …cheers CT…that flip flop argument is an oldie but a goodie…and, classic or not, we here at Bored in a Record Shop cannot condone anyone putting cat balls in their nose….. unless supervised by an adult…

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