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To Cat Or Not To Cat

…that is the question…that Gareth Morgan is asking of us….

Scan 322


….Gareth Morgan can be found here…

…he’s got a point, but maybe could’ve been a little more subtle…

… A. Kittys’ got his number.

5 responses to “To Cat Or Not To Cat

  1. As a cat owner it’s hard to hear that some people are against cat ownership. But as a cat owner, I know they are tremendously effective hunters.
    It’s always something, ain’t it.
    Love your colors, lines, lettering and your one eyed cat. He is one tough cat!

    • …and as an NZer it’s hard to explain that all our mammals (except a couple of bats) were introduced in the last 1000 years…they (and we!) have had a devastating effect on the native bird life…I love cats, but shan’t own another…too hard on the dawn chorus!…

  2. Reblogged this on alifesgayventure and commented:
    i was quite puzzled at first at the reference to this guy called gareth morgan, but following the link i found out he is a guy who is crusading against cats in new zealand because they are killingoff the native birds. the cartoon is funny for that fierce drawing of kitty cat. every time i see that image i cannot help laughing. i think it must make cat owners question their owing a cat. their loveable kitty is like a gangster son whose mother thinks he can do no wrong, but is a scourge on the neighbourhood.

  3. go get’im Kitty.

    must have dim/slow~flying birds in NZ. 🙂

    • …don’t encourage him Frag”…birds neither dim nor slow (except the native wood pigeon) and used to be very plentiful!….way cheaper than Mr. Fluffums cat food tho’….

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