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15 responses to “Three Note Books At Once

  1. Ooh! I love seeing the original art. Very very nice!

  2. Super cool stuff! How many hours a day do you draw? Like 3 times more then me? 🙂

    • …um…I think I’m getting in about 3hrs a day on average…up at 5.30, draw till I go to work (in-between making lunch, showering etc)…sketch book in my lap in front of tv or back on the drawing board for awhile in the evening…wish I had your control of line and composition skills…at 3 hours a day, I could rule the world!!!!!….(or maybe not struggle with making things look like they’re supposed to!)….

  3. Awesome, awesome!

    You do a great job making things look like what they should look like. I know I avoid comics because of the pressure of having to do that, lol 🙂

    I just wanna draw stuff! YA!

  4. never mind the twaddle, wheres A.Kitty!!???

  5. A fantastic glimpse into your process. I think your comics are glorious just as they are. Don’t change a thing!
    I agree that Almo has enviable control of line.

    Incentives… YES! 🙂

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