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It’s Moments Like These

….that you realise how culturally separated from the rest of the world you are when you live in New Zealand…Scan 329


….because, unless you grew up in the South Pacific, you won’t understand the reference to a hard white sweet that, while being minty fresh, was also a destroyer of teeth…

….to clarify for those that are “foreign-devils”…



…(thank you internet).

6 responses to “It’s Moments Like These

  1. Raz Illa

    I had a very similar experience with forementioned white tooth unfriendly sweeties. It meant I had to find a dentist, so my gf at the time recommended her dentist, the very aptly but ironicly named Mr Mintie. I kid you not.

  2. aw, sweets are such cruel harbingers of doom. 😦

    • …oh god Frag’…I’ll never look at a sweet the same way again after reading that comment….”beware the ides of Smarties”….(or M&Ms if you’re elsewhere)…

  3. For the record, i’ve chipped my front teeth on both a lollipop (cherry tootsie roll, goddammitt) and a crouton (cesar salad, argh.)

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