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Some Themes May Disturb

…but you were all getting used to that, weren’t you…Scan 333 Scan 334 Scan 335


….may contain traces of idiocy.



….(for the origins of “Dog-Wobbling” look no further than this link…

….there you go).

17 responses to “Some Themes May Disturb

  1. Dog wobbling. Now I know! 😛

  2. The panel with the “pensioners” whipping the dogs around is great, man. I imagine that took a lot of work.

    • …’kin ages…coupla panels on the previous page were a real grind…couldn’t get them to work the way I wanted and it threw a cloud over the whole piece…reduced my motivation to near zero…arrrgh, hate it when that happens!!…really had to crack the whip to get myself to complete this one….(better now!)…

  3. By the way, do you have a twitter handle? I’d like for folks to become more aware of your amazing work. You really have a heck of a comic here. Art, writing, it’s all very fantastic.

    • …no, sorry, too much tech in my life with the computer…even let my cell phone die so that I didn’t have too deal with THAT any more!…but send ’em my way if you can, all views appreciated…(blushes when he realises the level of praise being proffered)….

  4. stripman

    I hope you’re ashamed, Tony ! (Just a remark to stabilize things a bit…;o)

  5. Those damn old biddies! As someone who is usually against any depiction of animals being wobbled… this made me laugh.
    Now then, I hope those inbred, incontinent dogs have an uprising!
    Damn old biddies.
    (Your detail is spectacular!)

  6. Well it’s all excellent and all that and I did do the LOL thing, but which doggy won??

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