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Smaller Than The Real Thing

….the originals for these next few page format cartoons from 1987 were drawn on A2 sheets….Scan 336


…they took bloody ages but made the detail look stronger when reduced a million-billion times for publication….

…now working at A5 & A4…

…much faster…

…and easier to fit in a scanner.

10 responses to “Smaller Than The Real Thing

  1. Tweeted for you! Hope it brings readers. Love this one.

  2. Ah yes, the “joys” of drawing something a gazillion billion times larger. No thanks. You’re absolutely correct in that the details look so much more amazing for it when it’s reduced, but boy was it a hassle. I used to do things that way too. No more. A4 for me all the way!

    • …yeah…was getting real fond of A5 in a hrd back note book…but for the more “complex” ideas, it can mean page after page after page…A4 is definitely the go (until I can afford an A3 scanner…)…

  3. this one led to a long train of thought ending in that scene in James Bond movie where Daniel Craig is naked on a chair. 😀

    that bit where the teddy is fizzing is bonkers must’ve taken ages to do the little fizzy bits.

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