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19 responses to “Watch Out For That Flour Sack Kitty

  1. Ooh… they’re for it now! (And it’s very cool to see how your style has changed since May last year!)

  2. This is so wonderfully developed and drawn. I love the colors and all that action is incredible. You saved the day for me when kitty ends up right in the mix at the end- thank heavens!
    The octopus character is fantastic and I love how his tongue, etc. moves out of the frame. I think this is the first time I’ve seen the dog and cat together. But I’ve only been following along for a couple of months.
    In a word… Wow!

    • ….thank you Pam…you might have to go right back to the start of the blog at some point…tons of octo-stuff back there!!!….can’t believe the milage I’m getting out of kitty…he’s so static…pretty much one pose with some variation with the twitching tail..!…

      • I agree- I need to go into your archives. Wish you had an ebook of your cartoons- I’d buy it! Hint hint.
        It’s clear to me I need to change my name to “Tony”. Every darn Tony I’ve met on the internet has crazy mad artistic skills!!!

      • …take a torch!…the e-book idea is floating around in back of my brain…was thinking of making it pages and pages of plots form the plotting book….you don’t need to change your name to increase skills you already have….practice!….

  3. Hee hee! Must be something about that name…

  4. I hope Kitty’s revenge is spectacular.

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