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Not About Records

…it feels like, oh, 2 whole days since I posted a cartoon…and at least 5 since I posted a coloured in one…Scan 344 Scan 345


…aahhhh, that’s better.



…(that’s better, unless you got attacked by pigeons).

8 responses to “Not About Records

  1. Tony- you have a way with color! Your color really makes all those lines you draw shine. It’s a thing of pure beauty!
    Oh- and funny too! 🙂

    • …awww…thank you Pamo…hell, it’s just a box of 42 colouring in pencils…guess there’s some “skill” in how I put ’em together…just make it up as I go along really…(“funny” I have to work at)…

      • Oh yea… there’s tons of skill there! Including the funny.
        I learn from you… so thanks so much for sharing your work. Always inspiring.
        Alright then, I’m back to creating my comics. Later!

      • …cheers Pamo…and I was gonna say…”it’s Sunday…aren’t you supposed to be drawing??…”

  2. stripman

    This sheds a completely new light on Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’…!

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