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Hi Jinks Shenanigans And Jiggery Pokery

…thank you Pamo for the post title idea…Scan 350 Scan 351 Scan 352 Scan 353


…this was created for “Larrikin”, a locally produced comics anthology from the late 80’s… first foray in to something longer than one page.

9 responses to “Hi Jinks Shenanigans And Jiggery Pokery

  1. Hilarious!!!! I laughed throughout. First big laugh was when the snail says “Lucky for my wife and kids, I’m insured.” And then when he refers to the insurance scam in the final page… I laughed and laughed.
    When I got to the word “FLENSED” I wrote it down so I could look it up… then in the next frame you defined it. Another huge laugh! Then for the word “AMBERGRIS” you wrote- look it up yourself. Might I say… HILARIOUS!!! (sperm whale excretion for those of you unwilling to look it up)
    In the last page… “Give my love to all the sheep.” made me spit out my diet Coke.
    It appears our cartoonist is in need of a good hearty meal. Indeed!!!
    Stellar comic Tony! Loved it all.

    So glad my senior word inspired the title. 🙂

  2. stripman

    Very nice ! I leaped up at the Woody Guthrie citation and I haven’t touched down yet…;o)

  3. full of funny goodness! Love the font you’ve used here and especially like the T shirt slogans on everyone, good job!

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