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Wrongtiques Roadshow

…watch the link first…

Scan 355 Scan 356 Scan 357


…(can’t believe how much time I spent deliberating what colour damp old dog farts should be)…

…(you know the ones)…

…(like over spiced swamp gas)…


…(I think I got it right).





10 responses to “Wrongtiques Roadshow

  1. Oh- you definitely got it right Tony! The color is perfect.
    Hilarious about skipping the “the”… but you handled it beautifully. So funny!
    Love the crowd shots too.
    Stellar!!! Bravo!!!
    Great title.
    Yep- you’ve got to do a book. Seriously!

  2. stripman

    I follow every antique show at the BBC, but I missed this episode. They must have banned it…;o)

  3. haha is that yourself with the Abba record I spot in the crowd? Very Hitchcock 🙂

  4. Corwin Newall ⋅

    Loved the musical prelude, it really heightened my appreciation of the comic. I was half-expecting “Well that really is extraordinary. £4,000,000,000,000.” A 119-year-old dog would be quite something (and that’s human years…something like 8 dog-centuries old).
    Your comics and other shenanigans brighten my week. Chur uncle.

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