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And After All That

…they had more people than they needed…so you could be excused for any ol’ half baked reason like “my good friend Dee might be real good at standing behind the counter but she can’t up-sell like me and I might starve to death or be sent to debtors prison or back to my country of origin if you don’t excuse me to go run my record shop”…

…didn’t even get half way thru that and the nice lady was already running a pen thru my name…




…that’s all she wrote.

10 responses to “And After All That

  1. I think I’ve gotten out of jury duty with the exact same excuse. Except, in my version, Dee was much better at up-selling than you.

    For good measure I kept on talking for close to an hour after being explicitly excused by the clerk, both layers, & the judge himself. The bailiff made it very clear that I was allowed to leave immediately. It may have gotten me excused from any jury duty ever again.

    • …yeah, I’d been practicing my zombie moan all week and was a little disappointed not to be able to cut loose at an inopportune moment….

      • Ahhh… Carpe Diem, man. There is absolutely never an inopportune moment for such behavior. Unless you WANT to be selected for jury duty or something, every moment is an opportune moment to inappropriately moan like a well rehearsed zombie. Especially in a court of law. Trust me, I give horrible advice when it comes to legal matters. Financial matters. Matters of the heart, matters of survival, matters of fact, matters of fiction, pretty much anything society as a whole would deem a basic matter of concern, I would not take any advice from me. Trust me.

      • …trust is what we have, CT…. : ) ….

      • Okay, you talked me into it. Hell, you’re right, I should probably go ahead and take 2. I don’t care what it is, just bag it up & keep the change.
        Wow! You ARE good at up-selling. The entire transaction was over & done before I even knew what was happening. Sly dog. Trust we have indeed. 🙂

      • ….another (satisfied) bamboozled customer….

  2. Great photo! And then you and Candy Trip had me giggling like a crazed monkey.

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